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The SDG AWARE is an educational offer intended to introduce the EU priority Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to your members, employees and stakeholders for a sustainable Europe.


This option calls upon the didactic process called formative self-evaluation which allows you to learn by yourself by testing your own knowledge on this topic. These online tests aim to ensure that the target audiences are aware of the general information on the SDGs, published on the United Nations (UN) website, in particular in the 'Frequently asked questions' section.


The initiation workshops here are given on a face-to-face basis to CSR managers and employees of companies who expressly request it. They could be part of your human resources training offer.

Distance Learning Tests

(Starting on March 2020)

TEST I - Introduction to the SDGs 

 In which areas will the SDGs guide action in the coming years?

 What are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals about?

 15 questions / answers

TEST II - The SDGs challenges in 100 questions/answers

 Moving from the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)?

TEST III - The SDGs in the EU

Priority objectives often mentioned by european companies:

SDG 13 (Measures relating to the fight against climate change),
SDG 8 (Decent work and economic growth),
SDG 12 (Responsible consumption and production)

Priority objectives often mentioned by european organisations (NGOs, ...):

ODD 7 (…………………………………….),
ODD 11 (………………………………………..),
OOD 15 

ODD 17 (………………………………………..),



The ADEQUATE ETHICAL ARGUMENT (AEA) is an analysis sheet aiming to demonstrate the adequacy between the EU policies/practices and the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) targeted in priority by the EU. 

It can be used to describe the ethical arguments you develop in your advocacy/lobbying activities with the European institutions or when drafting european legislation to fit into this perspective.

The AEA values your ethical point of view on EU specific questions.


1 / Send your completed AEA Sheet to:

2 / The EE 2030 Technical Committee will evaluate the coherence of your approach to the SDGs and will give you advice, as needed, to support or complete your comments.

3 / When your AEA Sheet is brought into alignment, it will be returned to you with the 'Approved' stamp of the Charter and the mention of the corresponding SDG(s).

The AEA Sheet becames a recognition certificate issued by the Charter EE 2030, in the context of your correspondence with the European institutions. It is intended to be sent, in particular, to European decision makers as an attachment to Position Papers, opinions declarations or any other communication documents that you may send to the European Commission or the European Parliament.

The approved AEA Sheets are published in the monthly Newsletter, with your agreement.


The "MESSAGE IN THE BOTTLE" initiative offers you the opportunity to openly express the urgency of considering a given situation, in line with achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the EU.

Your "MESSAGE IN THE BOTTLE" will appear on a summarised infographic, presenting one or more key numbers and facts demonstrating the existence of an emergency situation in your area of activity.

This should have the effect of an alarm call, asking MEPs firstly to take an interest in the relevant issue as well as to take a strong position in any possible coming vote.

All MTB are collected in the monthly Newsletter and openly shown during the 'Euro Ethical Days'.

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The monthly Newsletter shows the effective activity of the signatories of the EE 2030 Charter to the European institutions. It is aimed in particular at MEPs, organisations and European citizens interested in stakeholder engagement to promote sustainability in Europe and beyond.

Next edition: March 2020

The Monthly NEWSLETTER contains the following topics:


The calendar summarizing the initiatives of the signatories of the Charter EE 2030.

 SHEETS ‘ADEQUATE Ethical Argument’

The cards 'ADEQUATE ETHICAL ARGUMENT' (AEA) of the signatories of the Charter EE 2030.

 Annonces ‘message in the bottle’

The announcements 'MESSAGE IN THE BOTTLE' of the signatories of the Charter EE 2030.


List of signatories of the EE 2030 Charter regularly updated.

The newsletter


To show your adherence to the EE 2030 Charter, and to increase your credibility with European decision-makers, you can download the Charter logo and include it in your correspondence with European institutions (opinions, Position Papers, etc.)

Download the logo